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Our Mission

Our mission is to be a resource for people diagnosed with or waiting to receive a diagnosis of a silent disability and offer support, education, and validation. Furthermore, to advocate for personal growth and success in life despite symptoms of illness and to bring about awareness of what it means to live with a silent disability.

The Founder

October Blair

October has a background spanning over 25 years in healthcare. She has served as a nationally certified Phlebotomist, Certified Pediatric Phlebotomist, Lab Assistant Tech II, and Clinical Lab Assistant. She has specialized her skills in the Dental Industry, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics Care, OSHA Training, and implementing policies and procedures. In addition, October was a training coordinator and supervisor at various hospitals such as; Mayo Clinic, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Children of Orange County. 

Her journey made its public debut as posts on social media, then later as a blog. Today, her path has led her to create SilentDisabilites.Life with the goal of providing information to help others find their way in a world that doesn’t understand silent disabilities.

October’s struggle to understand her diagnosis has led her to a life of finding joy in everyday moments and seizing opportunities while living with (not suffering from) her episodes. The journey is a rocky one, but her triumphs can be yours. Let be your path to get connected to the information you need and the confidence that you can go out and live! 

Start your journey today and educate yourself on becoming a self-advocate and building a community of understanding worldwide.

The Company

The formation of Silent first appeared on social media posts and a personal blog by the founder in March of 2019. After baring personal truths about her journey on social media and learning the hard way to navigate through her diagnoses, she felt compelled to share what she had discovered with others. 

Now reimagined as Silent, the blog, and other services provided by the company are designed to help connect people with resources to help them live life successfully. Support groups, patient advocacy resources, and Q&A style forums centered around helping those who have received, or are in the process of receiving, a diagnosis can be found at Silent Disabilities.Life. It also serves as a platform to spread awareness about the needs that arise from living with a silent disability.

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