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Below are some of the products and services we offer to support you in your education about disability illnesses, self-advocating for your needs, and bringing awareness of silent disabilities to our world. Purchased products support this website and the creation of its services. 

A package of digital documents ready to use for charting symptoms, communicating with doctors and employers, and applying for disability benefits.

Package contents include the following in various formats: Blood Pressure Tracker (with H2O), Catalog of Symptoms, Medical Documentation Letter for Accommodations,  Symptom Tracker, and Sleep Diary

A low-key, conversational approach to guiding people with disabilities through self-advocacy. Listen in as October Blair and her guests share their experiences navigating relationships, jobs, and every day parts of life while managing their symptoms. Get useful tips, resources, and a healthy dose of positivity. 

Increase awareness in your community and self-advocate when you wear SilentDisabilites.Life apparel. Proceeds help to produce our services and promote advocate outreach.

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