POTS silent disabilities


“The symptoms of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, or POTS, can be as varied as they are confounding.

There can be fatigue, pain, bleeding disorders and anxiety. Heart palpitations and lightheadedness are common. Some patients experience gastrointestinal issues or brain fog. For the most severely affected, the simple act of standing up can send them crumpling into unconsciousness.

Though likely much more common than once thought, POTS remains something of a mystery. Many physicians have never heard of it. There’s no lab test to confirm a diagnosis and no treatment to cure the condition.

UToledo’s Dr. Blair Grubb and Dr. William Gunning are collaborating on innovative research to prove the long-held theory that POTS is an autoimmune disorder.

That could all be changing, owed in large part to the persistence of researchers Dr. William Gunning and Dr. Blair Grubb from The University of Toledo.”

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*Linkhorn, Tyrel. “Persistence Brings New Understanding to Unique Medical Condition.” UToledo News, University of Toledo, 16 Mar. 2021, news.utoledo.edu/index.php/03_16_2021/persistence-brings-new-understanding-to-unique-medical-condition.

Persistence Brings New Understanding to Unique Medical Condition

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